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Assaults & Felonies Attorney in Pendleton, Oregon

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Felony charges shouldn't be taken lightly-retain a felony defense attorney who will provide the robust defense you need to avoid a felony conviction. Reach out to Robert G. Klahn Attorney at Law in Pendleton, OR today. Attorney Klahn can represent you if you're facing any felony charge, including:

  • Murder charges

  • Sexual assault charges

  • Child sexual abuse charges

  • Assault charges

He has nearly four decades of experience as a felony defense attorney, and he'll work hard on your case to achieve the best possible results. Make an appointment with an assault attorney in Pendleton, OR today.

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Know the Penalties of a Felony Conviction

You should know the consequences of a felony conviction before you start building your case with a felony defense attorney. If you're convicted of a felony in Oregon, you could:

  • Spend at least one year in prison.

  • Lose your civil rights, such as your right to vote or bear arms.

  • Find it difficult to gain employment or secure housing.

Contact Robert G. Klahn Attorney at Law in Pendleton, OR today if you've been charged with any felony crime, including assault. Attorney Klahn will do his best to ensure that you don't spend your life haunted by a felony conviction.