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With me as your attorney, you'll have over 30 years of skill and experience in your corner. I focus my practice on providing skilled criminal defense for clients facing a wide variety of charges.

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Robert G. Klahn

Attorney at Law

I started my own law firm because I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility to serve my clients more effectively and work more closely with them. Working with an attorney who is a part of a larger, less personal firm can sometimes be an obstacle in the way of seeking the results you want. When you choose me as your attorney, I will direct my full efforts toward helping you pursue the most favorable outcome available to you in your case. I take a very aggressive approach to defending my clients, so you can feel confident in the quality of your legal representation. Don't put your reputation or your future at risk. Let me help you work toward finding a solution.


Strong Legal Representation

Aggressive Defense

When you are faced with criminal charges, you need more than just knowledge of legal matters on your side. Having an attorney who will provide a fierce and tenacious defense on your behalf is what can make the difference in your case. I pride myself on being tougher and more aggressive than many other attorneys. Your reputation, your livelihood, your future, and your very freedom could be affected by the outcome of your case. With stakes that high, you can't afford inadequate representation. Instead, put a vigorous defense attorney in your corner. I will fight hard for you and help you seek a favorable result.

Experienced Counsel

After nearly four decades of practicing law, I have accumulated a broad base of knowledge and skill that allows me to provide insightful legal services to my clients. I have worked as both a public defender and a private attorney, so I have seen many criminal law cases — both misdemeanors and felonies — and can evaluate them from all angles. My extensive experience will be used for your benefit as we work closely together to develop an effective strategy to defend your rights and make your voice heard. We will pursue an outcome to your case that will put you in the most favorable position available moving forward.

Fierce Advocacy for You and Your Rights

Criminal charges can bring all areas of your life to a screeching halt. Your personal relationships, your work life, and your future opportunities are all deeply affected by your legal situation and the potential consequences can be permanent. Rather than deal with these charges on your own, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to seek a solution.

Over the course of my career, I have provided a strong defense for clients facing criminal charges including DUI, drug crimes, fish and wildlife violations, sex crimes, assault, theft, reckless driving, domestic violence, homicide, and more. Regardless of the crime you have been charged with, the Constitution guarantees you the right to a fair and equal defense under the law.

For individuals with past criminal convictions on their records, I can provide legal services to pursue official expungement to remove the convictions, providing a clean slate, and allowing you to open up new opportunities for your future. Employment options, loan applications, housing choices, and other parts of your life can be affected by your criminal record, so taking steps to expunge your record can have immense benefits.

Defend your rights and seek a better future. If you are in the Pendleton, Oregon area and are in need of aggressive legal representation to defend against criminal charges, call me — Robert G. Klahn, Attorney at Law — today to schedule your free consultation about your case.